There are many reasons why your marriage may have failed, but there is always hope of restoration through Jesus Christ. Our Heavenly Father has given us promises of healing and reconciliation for all the brokenness in our lives for God hates divorce. He desires to restore marriages even more than we want them restored! The question is: will you allow Him? If you believe in Christ Jesus, He is able to restore your marriage if you trust Christ. You now believe that your broken marriage is now beyond repair, but I must remind you of God’s grace for you and your marriage restoration.

By allowing Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to work in your marital situation, the following are signs of marriage restoration. However, I must emphasise that while it’s important to look at these signs of marriage restoration, you must put your focus on God’s plan for you and trusting God for your marriage restoration. This is because by placing focus on your husband or wife, the devil may use them against to and this is to discourage you from holding on.

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You are able to talk about your marriage without getting angry

The first sign that your family is being restored is that you’re able to talk about your marital issues without becoming angry. Discussing the painful facts of a broken relationship can be difficult, but if you are able to discuss it with grace and respect, it means healing has begun on a deep level. Communication plays a big role in any relationship, but it’s especially important when facing marital problems. You may not agree with your husband or wife or see eye-to-eye on certain issues, but you must be able to communicate without getting emotional and defensive. If you find yourself becoming angry about the way things ended, take some time to go over the past so that the Lord can give you a clean slate. Release any bitterness or animosity towards your spouse for how their choices have affected you. Once you’ve done this, it will be much easier to discuss your marriage without getting emotional.

In addition to that, when you can talk with one another in a civil and respectful way about the future of your relationship. When Jesus Christ begins restoring your family, there should be an understanding between both parties that they want the best for each other and they want to do what’s right in God’s eyes. You may wonder if it is even possible to reconcile after all these years, but if you’re wanting the same things  (i.e., safety, security, belonging, family) then reconciliation becomes more than just a theory; it becomes a real possibility!

Anger is a powerful emotion that is difficult to control when we don’t have Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. Acknowledging its presence will help us handle it correctly during tough conversations with our husbands. Speaking honestly about how you feel without raising your voice is a sign that you’re more in control of your emotions. When you are able to talk with one another about the deepest hurts without hitting below the belt, then you can be sure that true reconciliation is on its way! 

You are enjoying being around each other

Another sign that Christ is restoring your family is that when you are actually enjoying being around your spouse again. Do you genuinely enjoy spending time together? Does your husband make you feel good about yourself, or do they constantly put you down? A marriage that is restored or in the process of restoration will be one in which both parties are encouraged and lifted up by the other. If their words bring out the best in you instead of the worst, then reconciliation has begun!

You may not agree on everything or even like certain things about one another, but enjoying each other’s company means that at least some of the previously unresolved issues have been dealt with. When God restores your family, He will bring the two of you back together in a way that is best for both parties. You may not have married your husband because they were perfect, so don’t expect them to be perfect once the restoration process has begun! But if you are able to enjoy being around each other again, then it’s possible God is bringing your marriage back from the dead!

Accepting one’s shortcomings

Accepting faults and working through disagreements are also signs that reconciliation is on its way. If you can work out simple issues without too much arguing or resentment, then more significant problems should be fairly easy to resolve. Your union might have failed because you just couldn’t seem to get along, but reconciliation means that both husband and wife are willing to work through their differences in order to make the marriage work. Accepting faults and forgiving one another is a sign that there’s hope for your union to be restored by the Lord!

There might be some issues that you never agree on, but if you are willing to put in the necessary effort then it will make reconciliation much more likely. If both husband and wife are willing to forgive or can’t see past their own hurt feelings, then restoring your marriage will be difficult as you still have a personal responsibility for it to work. But when married couples are committed to doing what’s right and working together as a team, then Jesus will restore what the devil stole from you if you fully surrender to his Holy Spirit.

When we truly give our lives over to Christ Jesus and let His Holy Spirit guide us through difficult situations, we see His mighty hand at work in our lives. He wants only the best for us, and when we fully surrender, He will begin to restore things that have been broken for a long time.

You no longer have a feeling of resentment towards your spouse

Another sign that reconciliation might be on its way is that when you no longer have a feeling of resentment towards your spouse. Do you find yourself holding onto past hurts and blaming everything bad on them? If your thoughts about your husband are the same as they were before the separation, then you need prayer that God help you to forgive.

But if both husband and wife want to put the mistakes of the past behind them, then it’s possible Christ is bringing your family back together! When someone has forgiven us for something we did wrong, we naturally feel grateful towards them because we don’t want to carry any guilt or burden for our actions. Jesus wants you to stay married as husband and wife and that is possible when you are willing to let go of your own interests, be aware of your own sinful nature and behaviour and let go of selfish ambition.

It’s never easy to say “I’m sorry” or admit your faults, but doing so will make reconciliation much more likely. If you have truly come to the point where you can no longer blame your husband or wife, then you no longer have anything to hold against them and that is exactly what is in God’s plan for your life. If you are able to look at the marital distress without thinking of all the negative things that happened or how God punished your husband for their wrongdoing, then it’s possible Jesus is restoring your marriage!

Your spouse is acting more like their old self again

If you notice your husband or wife changing and returning to their usual self again, then the good news is Jesus is restoring your marriage! When we truly allow Jesus to take control of our lives, He begins to make us more like Him and less like ourselves. When you are still angry with each other or constantly fighting, there’s no room to allow the Holy Spirit to work on your marital distress. But when both husband and wife are willing to put the past behind them and move on together, then God can bring restoration into anyone’s life! The key factor here is whether the two of you are able to pray together, trusting God, reconsider your Christian walk, have faith in God and know that only God is able to restore your marriage.

Yes, there might be some lingering feelings here and there, but if those feelings disappear as soon as you walk out the door then it’s likely God is restoring your marriage! In addition to being able to have a conversation with one another and above all as husband and wife without blowing up or storming out of the room, absolutely nothing will stop God from changing your marital problems to a happy life.

You feel hopeful that you will be able to get through this difficult time in your life together 

When both husband and wife feel hopeful that you will be able to get through these marital problems together, then it’s possible God is restoring your marriage! You have hope in your family and keep praying being fully aware that only God is able to restore your family

If one or both of you are sitting around wishing things could go back to the way they were before, then reconciliation probably won’t happen. But if you can look at one another without horrible memories coming back or a general sense of dread welling up inside, then it’s possible God is working on bringing restoration into your lives!

Nothing about reconciliation is going to feel right because you’re going against what the devil wants. When we hold onto our anger and resentment towards someone who has hurt us, then we end up allowing Satan a foothold into our hearts. He wants us to be bitter and hate everyone around us so that we continually give him our attention. But when you are able to look at your spouse without feeling any anger whatsoever, then God is restoring your marriage!

And this isn’t just something you say because you want things to go back to the way they were before; it’s coming from a place of honesty within yourself. You’re not expecting restoration because you’ve given up on your husband or decided that everything would be better if you were back together again. No, this is an inner sense that although it might take some time, reconciliation will happen eventually!

No matter how much someone has hurt us in the past or what mistakes they made while married to us, it’s possible to forgive them for their actions and move forward. God is restoring your marriage when you’re able to look at the person who once caused you so much pain and see someone you want to spend the rest of your life with!

The two of you have started praying together again, talking about God more often than before and allowing the Holy Spirit to Work

If you’re able to have a conversation with your husband about redemption and new beginnings without wanting to pull your hair out, then it’s possible God is restoring your marriage! When we focus so much on making everything right again that we ignore the Almighty, our lives will never be filled with peace.

But when you start talking about God and prayer more often than moaning about how miserable life is because of what happened during your divorce, then it’s possible God is restoring your marriage! You might not be praying together every single day or even every single week; but if both of you feel like talking to the Lord would help the situation in any way, then God is working behind the scenes throughout this entire process.

Praying together is something that you might have to do while rebuilding trust and the foundation of your relationship; but when both of you keep coming back together for prayer, then it’s likely God is restoring your marriage. The only reason why you should be able to pray together after everything that has happened is that reconciliation has begun!

You stopped blaming your husband or wife for the problems in the relationship and is trying to take responsibility for his/her actions

When your spouse finally stops making excuses and blaming you for everything that went wrong in your life, then it’s possible God is restoring your marriage! There might be a lot of hurt feelings on both sides after a divorce, but if you reconsider your own behavior, have self-control, the good news is that you are in the right direction to God’s plan for your union.

When you’re able to see past the anger and resentment towards your husband who cheated on you or treated you badly during your relationship, then it’s possible God is restoring your marriage! It doesn’t mean that those feelings will go away overnight; instead, this is about being willing to be open towards what could have been if your husband left.

In any relationship where infidelity has occurred on more than one occasion, it’s going to be hard for the husband or wife to regain trust. But when you’re able to see that although cheating is wrong and should never happen under any circumstances, your spouse was under some spiritual force against a good marriage then God is restoring your marriage!

Your spouse is more attentive to your needs

When you feel like you’re actually heard by your husband and he once ignored your requests, then it’s possible God is restoring your marriage! There might be a lot of things that need to change within yourself before anyone else will pay attention to what you have to say; but when your husband starts acting on some of the feelings he used to ignore, then reconciliation is happening.

And this isn’t just about listening whenever you’re talking either; there are direct needs that should be taken care of in any relationship. For example, if you have kids together and they’ve been asking for their other parent lately, it’s important that your spouse does something about this situation instead of brushing off these concerns. When someone feels like they’re not being heard, it can lead to resentment, anger, and even depression. But when your husband starts doing something about the needs you’ve expressed instead of brushing them off or pretending like they don’t exist, then it’s possible God is restoring your marriage!

You have a sense of peace and contentment about your marriage

When you have a sense of peace about your marriage ending, then it’s possible God is restoring your union! Even if you don’t know whether or not reconciliation has begun, this is about how you feel towards the future. There might be specific things that trouble your thoughts on a daily basis, but for the most part, you’re able to take each day as it comes without any worries!

And not just about the past; when those concerns are gone and you’re feeling content with where things will end up in the future, especially after everything that has happened between both of you during the divorce process, then God is restoring your marriage!

So why is it important to know these signs that God is restoring your marriage? A lot of people think there’s no hope for reconciliation once their spouse has moved on to someone else, but this isn’t always true! Even if there are still feelings of anger or resentment between both spouses after a divorce, it doesn’t mean that reconciliation cannot happen. As they say, time heals all wounds!

When one or both spouses feel like they’ve become better people throughout this process and can see things from your perspective, then God might be restoring their union despite the previous infidelity. But every situation is different so it’s best not to jump too far ahead in the process just because you’re eager to reconcile.

You’re not as angry with each other anymore, even when there’s an argument

Anger is one of the biggest issues in any relationship, and when you’re not feeling quite as angry towards your husband like you used to before, then God might be restoring your marriage! Although there might still be times where an argument flares up between both of you, it doesn’t last too long before everything returns to normal.

And not just about the past; when you feel these moments of peacefulness between your spouse and yourself, even after an argument, instead of lots of anger towards each other during these disagreements, then God might be restoring your marriage! This doesn’t mean that there won’t ever be another fight in the future.

But it does mean that feelings of anger or resentment are starting to fade away, at least temporarily. Of course, this is always a good thing because feeling angry towards your spouse isn’t healthy for anyone involved! But if both spouses can move on from arguments quickly without staying mad at each other for too long afterwards, then God is restoring their union!

Your relationship has already changed for the better

Although it’s possible to argue with someone and still reconcile down the road, it’s quite a bit more difficult if you stay angry with them for an extended period of time. If there have been periods where you’ve started to become angrier towards each other again but then something gets resolved quickly during these disagreements, then God might be restoring your marriage!

But not just about the past; if you already feel like your relationship has gotten better than it was before, even after arguments or disagreements, then God might be restoring your marriage! It’s not just about the past because sometimes the past can keep tormenting both of you where this pattern continues to repeat itself. You need to be aware of the spiritual forces against your life. being aware of your own past sins, trusting God and allowing God through his Holy Spirit to help you restore your family.

You feel like you can be yourself around them without fear or shame

It might not seem like it right now, but at one point or another during your divorce process, you might have felt like you couldn’t be around your spouse anymore. Maybe they constantly made you feel bad about yourself with their words or actions, even if they don’t mean to do this! Or maybe you think that the only reason they talk to you is that they want something from you.

But if these feelings of self-doubt are starting to disappear and things are returning back to normal between both of you again, then God is restoring your union! Not just about the past; when both spouses can be themselves without fear or shame instead of worrying about what will happen next in the future, then God is restoring their union! You have fully surrendered your husband to Jesus and you now know that God work in these times. You know that the only way to a good marriage is trusting God and prayer. You also asked God to remove your own interests and enhance your spiritual walk with Jesus and certainly you are on your way to having your broken marriage fixed by Jesus.

Spend quality time with your spouse

Although spending time with each other is great, if you can also spend quality time together instead of just rushing through things so that you can get on with the rest of your day, then God might be restoring your marriage! It’s important to take time off from everything else in order to rekindle your relationship again.

Even if it’s difficult for both spouses because they have different schedules at work or school, this doesn’t mean that God is not restoring their union. If there are still pockets of free time during the week but neither spouse wants to bother trying to rearrange their schedule just so that they can talk properly, then this will allow the devil room and against your good marriage.

But when both spouses are willing and anxious to see each other and talk to each other, even if it means rearranging their schedules so that they can do this, then God is restoring their union and this is the power of prayer and faith. The bible says even if your faith is as mall as a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain move and it SHALL be moved! Therefore, the only option is to fully surrender to Jesus, pray daily and your marital situation will forever change.

Listen to each other and ask questions about their day

It might not seem like it because sometimes both spouses can be stubborn or defensive, but if they’re willing to listen to each other when the other spouse talks about something without interrupting them, then God is restoring their marriage! However, this is not about the past because if both spouses are willing to ask each other questions about their day when they get home from work or school, then God is restoring your relationship!

And sometimes instead of waiting until one spouse gets home and both spouses talking at once, it’s also valuable to take turns so that you can really focus on what you also say. If neither spouse cares enough to do this anymore because they’re too busy worrying about something else and they don’t want to bother asking why their husband or wife did such-and-such today, then this gives room to the devil. Your marriage matters even more than what you might think right now and this should be a wake-up call for both of you. You need to do whatever it takes to fix your relationship because divorce affects everyone including kids, family members and the church family. God is restoring your union and all you have to do is have faith, remain in prayer, trusting God and let Christ take control of everything.

Acknowledge each other’s successes

God is restoring your union if both spouses are willing to celebrate each other’s successes, even when it feels like their success leaves you in the dust. Not just about the past; this isn’t about being happy that they succeeded while you failed or vice versa. It’s not comparing yourself to them – it’s celebrating the victories of one another!

Unfortunately, some couples get divorced because they no longer see anything positive in each other anymore. They don’t feel any connection between what’s going on in their own lives and what’s going on with them either. They might mention how much they hate doing something together or how annoying certain habits are of theirs, but never anything good.

One spouse mentioned that they felt like a single parent sometimes because all their spouse did was criticize them. If this kind of thing sounds familiar, then it’s important to focus on more positives in each other but also within themselves instead of focusing exclusively on the negatives all of the time.

If you’re trying to fix your relationship, then try making an effort towards this. Not just about the past; be willing to celebrate their successes even if they seem small or insignificant at first! Whether it’s getting a better grade in school or beginning a new hobby, if both spouses are able to acknowledge what they’re doing right without being too self-centred, then God is restoring their relationship with one another!

Respect each other unconditionally

When unconditional respect has eroded before, some spouses might feel like they’re operating above their spouses because they’re no longer “beneath” them or that they can do whatever they please, but as long as both spouses are willing to respect each other unconditionally, then God is restoring your marriage!

Not just about the past; unconditional means accepting and treating each other for who they are right now. It means acknowledging their strengths and weaknesses without being too self-centred. Not just about the present; it also means making a conscious effort to remember what happened in the past so that neither spouse feels like the other one is trying to hold them accountable for something from before.

In fact, if he tells you about his day, listen carefully and try not to interrupt him until he’s done talking instead of thinking about what you’re going to say next. If he needs help, try to notice it instead of thinking he doesn’t need your help or that you have too many other things on your plate already.

If this sounds familiar, then practice being more respectful towards them even when they don’t deserve it! It might feel strange at first because you might not be used to treating each other with kindness, but if both spouses work towards this consistently enough then God is restoring their relationship with one another!

Find the humour in life’s struggles 

If your union is being restored, then you’ll be able to find the humour in life’s struggles. Not just about the past; this could mean making fun of something that happened together even if it’s embarrassing, laughing about an unlikely situation that occurred, or recalling how you each reacted when something unexpected happened.

Not just about the present; it also means not taking yourself too seriously whenever something goes wrong. Rather than “playing the victim” and complaining all the time without any kind of idea for what can be done to solve it, try to have a sense of humour about things and this builds an environment where union thrive by giving the Holy Spirit room.

This might sound difficult at first if neither spouse has ever had much of a sense of humour before, but if you consistently make an effort towards this, then God is restoring your marriage!

Express your concerns

If your spouse was never particularly good at listening to what you had to say or acknowledging your concerns before, then it’s not too late to change that. Even if it seems like nothing much has changed in their behaviour yet, don’t give up because God is restoring their relationship with you!

One way of doing this is by asking questions instead of just telling them about something that happened. When they’re talking about how their day went, maybe ask them “What are the most important things that happened today?” or “Would you have done anything differently if given the chance?” It might feel awkward at first because you might be used to expressing your concerns in a different manner, but it’s worth it!

When they feel that you’re actually listening to them and expressing what you have to say with the same amount of importance, then God is restoring their relationship with one another!

Apologize when you’re wrong and forgive quickly 

If there’s one thing that can drive a wedge in between you and your spouse, it’s when one of them doesn’t apologize for something they did wrong or if the other takes too long to forgive. Not just about the past; this could mean apologizing whenever something goes wrong even if you don’t feel sorry for it at all, admitting where you went wrong, or saying sorry even when you know that you’re not entirely to blame.

Not just about the present; it also means being quick in forgiving whenever they do apologize instead of thinking “That just happened last week- I’m still mad about it!”. Similarly, if they come up to you right after an argument wanting to reconcile, then let them do so as Christ commands us to forgive one another Trying to get revenge on someone who wronged you might seem like an attractive thought at first, but doing this will only make God restore your marriage slower because He wants to reconcile both of you!

If it takes a bit longer for them to apologize or for you to forgive them, then don’t give up because God is restoring your relationship with one another!

Pray for each other, knowing Jesus Christ is the rock

This might seem like an “obvious” sign that God is restoring your marriage, but if both spouses are praying for each other on a regular basis instead of just thinking about themselves or assuming the other person is okay without needing any prayers, then God is restoring their relationship with one another! Prayer is extremely important to God because He wants us to pray for one another, so if both spouses are doing this on a regular basis then it’s definitely a sign that you’re being restored.

A good way to do this is by praying with each other instead of just saying prayers in private. Not only will this strengthen your relationship with one another, but when you know that you’re both in prayer for each other then it’s easier to trust God with the outcome of your marriage.

Perhaps this means sending your spouse a quick text before bed saying “I’ve been thinking about you!” rather than always having that nagging voice in the back of your head asking “How’s your day going?”. It might seem simple, but it could mean the world to them which God is using to restore your marriage!

If this isn’t something you’ve done before or you feel like you’re not quite there yet, be encouraged because God is restoring your relationship with one another!

Forgive completely and accept one another unconditionally  

This means freeing yourself from any grudges you have against your spouse for whatever they may have done in the past without expecting anything in return. Perhaps this means forgiving someone who treated you badly or saying goodbye to “the way things used to be”. Even if that person has never expressed remorse for their actions or ever thought about changing their ways, don’t hold onto it thinking “I’ll forgive them one day!”.

Or it could mean accepting your spouse’s apology for something they did wrong even if you think they should be punished more. This doesn’t mean you let go of consequences or make sure that they don’t do it again, but rather, receive their unconditional love and forgiveness without expecting anything in return. After all, what good is it if God restores your marriage to one another but the relationship isn’t restored completely?

If this hasn’t been done before or you’re not quite there yet then don’t give up because the Lord is restoring your relationship with one another!

Trust each other unconditionally  

This means having faith that your spouse loves and cares about you no matter how many times they’ve let you down, how many times you’ve lost trust in them, or how hard the journey has been to restore your marriage. If it feels like “too much” to do this, then don’t worry you will get there little by little as long as both of you keep trying!

It also means believing everything they tell you whenever something goes wrong or something negative comes up. Although it could be difficult for you to not think about what they did wrong and why they should be punished (and if that’s the case then work on forgiving first), but instead believe that they’re really trying their best and giving them another chance to prove themselves.

Many couples who are struggling with problems in their relationship might say things like “can’t believe him/her anymore” or “everything he/she does is a mistake!” which doesn’t help anything. Believe them when they tell you their side of the story and give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this issue because the Lord is restoring your union with one another!

However, if their apologies for all that they’ve done wrong in the past involves asking for something in return (like “don’t be mad at me” or “stop changing around me”), then don’t hold onto that grudge thinking “they should apologize first!”. Ask the Lord to forgive you for holding onto such anger without expecting anything in return and let go of any grudges so you can fully restore your relationship with one another! If you feel like this isn’t fully restored yet, it’s because you’re not quite there yet! However, don’t give up because God is restoring your marriage with one another!

Frequently asked questions

How to let go and let God fix your marriage

Like with any relationship, there are always going to be challenges that you think can’t be fixed. Or maybe you’ve tried your best but haven’t seen many results yet or because your husband left. Either way, the Lord is restoring your union and will continue to do so as long as both of you keep working hard towards it!

Although it may feel like there’s no hope left or “there’s no repairing this”, don’t give up because the more you try the closer you are to your prayer being answered. Remember the Lord hasn’t given up on you so don’t give up either because your relationship with one another will be restored in due time!

What is free will in marriage restoration?

Free will is the ability to make choices without any external pressure or coercion. God has given us free will in marriage restoration because He wants us to choose whether we want our relationship restored.

Has your husband left you, have you been already divorced or been separated for some time, the Lord wants you to make a choice and this will activate God’s plan for you. You have a personal responsibility to decide in your daily life. God’s plan for you cannot be activated if you are not choosing to restore it yourself because He can’t force it upon you.

Does my prodigal spouse think about me?

The prodigal son wanted his allowance so he could go out to parties with his friends. However, after the father gave it to him, he ended up wasting it all in a far country. As a result, when he realized how much money was being squandered by living an expensive lifestyle of pleasure and partying, he came back home and asked for his father’s help. He realized that he had made a mess of his life and wanted to work for him instead so he could pay back all the money he wasted. The same lesson applies to your prodigal spouse. Your husband left, remain there, and watch with your own eye God continue to change your spouse’s heart. Pray that the Lord would change their heart! Ask Him to fill it with His love and hope for a future together again.

Never give up on your spouse because the Lord is restoring your union with one another. Even if bad things do occur, keep trusting God and remain prayerful for God to change their heart. As long as both of you keep working towards it, He will restore your relationship!

How to release your spouse to God, as God hates divorce

When you’re struggling to forgive them for all that they’ve done, release them into God’s hands. Ask Him to do His work in your husband or wife’s heart. Pray that He would teach them how to love like Christ and not like themselves. Pray that He’ll be with your spouse no matter what the outcome may be because the Lord is restoring your marriage with one another!

Let go of any anger or unforgiveness you have towards your spouse because it will only hurt you more than anyone else. This is incredibly hard but it’s worth letting go of anything negative so don’t give up! Even if it takes 10 years, 20 years, 30 years or longer- keep praying knowing God is restoring your marriage with them!

Ask God for help in releasing your spouse into His hands because that’s where they truly need to be. Ask Him to fill their heart with His love and forgiveness. Pray that He would show them the true meaning of a relationship and what it means to love, support, encourage and forgive another person even when they don’t deserve it.

Every day is a struggle but God is restoring your union with one another! It may take some time but once you let go of all the negativity in this world towards your spouse, everything will become a whole lot easier. Keep praying knowing God isn’t going to give up on either of you so continue fighting for what you believe in!

Don’t give up just yet because God is restoring your marriage with one another. Even if you feel like your husband or wife doesn’t love you or even care about you anymore, God wants them to be with you! Remain in prayer, have faith in Jesus, trust God works and He will restore your union.

I need a miracle to save my marriage

God is restoring your union with one another more and more every day! If you feel like all hope has been lost, know that it hasn’t because God isn’t going to give up on anyone He created. Never lose faith in Him because of the wrong things your spouse did, even if they did a lot of damage- keep trusting Him knowing the Lord will restore your marriage back together again.

Apostle Paul said that everything works together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). In other words, what Apostle Paul implies in this verse is that if you continue loving God and remain in His presence, He will answer you as God hates divorce.

It may feel like a long bumpy road when everything around you seems dead but don’t give up just yet. Take time to heal after all the pain your husband or wife caused but when you’re ready, continue fighting for them because God won’t let go of either of you! Keep believing knowing God always restores marriages in His perfect timing!

You’re strong enough to handle all the pain and hurt your spouse caused but it may seem very difficult. That’s why you need to remember that God is with you every step of the way because He will never leave nor forsake you at any time! Keep praying knowing that everything will work out in your favour someday soon- it might even be as early as tomorrow!

Don’t turn away from God just yet, keep believing because one day soon He’ll restore your marriage back together again! Ask Him to change your husband or wife’s heart no matter how long it takes. When you give up now, so will God so always remember to pray for His help instead of giving up!

Even if it feels like no one else wants this union anymore, know that God still does. Ask Him to give you the strength, courage and wisdom to keep standing no matter how many trying times come your way. He will always be there for you so never forget that! Don’t lose faith in God because He’s restoring your marriage with one another more day by day!

Praying for restoration

If you’re someone who is praying every single night hoping that your husband or wife will return home soon, then know that it’ll happen if you don’t give up on them or yourself. No matter what they’ve done, don’t let it break the bond between you both because God restored many marriages back together after everything seemed lost!

Even if your spouse changed their mind about wanting to come home again, whether now or later, never give up on praying every single day for them to come home. They want you back as much as you want them but both of you need God’s help!

Every morning when you wake up, pray for your union because it needs a lot of work! It might not seem like anything is going to happen at first but don’t stop believing because one day soon everything will finally fall into place and your spouse will be back home with you forever- that’s a promise from God!

Keep standing by your spouse every step of the way even if they do nothing but break your heart. Never let go of praying no matter what happens because it’ll always be worth it in the end. Keep standing strong knowing that God is working a miracle for you today even if it seems impossible!

Don’t turn away from God because He does have a plan for your marriage- just keep praying and trying to work things out with one another. Never let go of the hope that God still has for your broken relationship as well as everyone else’s. When things seem dead, know that God is the only one who can bring your family back together ever again!

It might not seem like it yet, but one day soon your spouse will be back home and everything will seem perfect again. Keep praying every single day knowing that God’s working a miracle for you today no matter how long it takes- He never fails! Don’t let the Devil steal your marriage from you by turning you away from God. God’s love never fails so no matter what happens, keep praying for your spouse every single day- it’ll be worth it in the end! Remember that God won’t let go of your hand or heart until He restores everything back to how it should be and says “It is finished!” Keep praying every single day- your marriage will be restored someday soon!

Romans 8:28 (NLT) And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Testimony of a restored marriage

I was praying that God would restore my marriage back together with my husband more than ever before. I was told by many people that it couldn’t be done because of the huge mistake he had made but I knew deep down inside that God wouldn’t give up on me or my husband!  I kept telling myself to never give up no matter how hard things got, even when they seemed impossible to fix, all because His love for us is limitless. So I decided to keep praying every single day with faith in God knowing that one day soon everything would work out just fine- and it did!

God restored our marriage after many years apart which still seems unbelievable every time I think about it now. It feels so good being able to say “I do” to my husband again, even if it took many years for us both to finally realize how much we need each other. We now have a beautiful baby girl who is the light of our lives and she wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for God’s love bringing my husband home so He could restore what was lost all those years ago. Thank you Jesus!

Remember that nothing is impossible with God because He’ll never let go of your hand or heart until He restores everything back to how it should be- no matter what happens!

Don’t stop praying every single day because one day soon, everything will work out just fine. Keep waiting patiently knowing that God has the power to perform miracles in your life today even when it seems impossible. Don’t lose hope knowing that God’s love never fails for anyone!

1 Corinthians 13:7 (NLT) It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

We dedicate some time each week to talk to those in need of encouragement. This is a no-obligation and always a free call and will never be asked to pay anything. I know from my personal experience that when you’re going through a hard time, it’s always nice to have someone who is willing to listen and support you. Marriage breakdown is a very difficult time and even more so without anyone to talk to, that’s why we offer our help every week. Please note, I am not a marriage counsellor, but I will help you from my personal experiences on how God restored my marriage. For marriage counseling, please visit your local pastor or local church family.

Please make a booking on this page here, remember, this is not a marriage counseling session, but I will listen to you and answer any question you have regarding your marriage and support you through your difficulties,

I will call you on the day of your booking, so please let us know what date and time. If you have any questions or concerns before I call you, please email me at [email protected], thank you very much!

Remember that God’s love never fails and His promises are always true!

Romans 8:28 (NIV) And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 5:8 (NLT) But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

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God bless you all, Caleb

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