Caleb Mapfumo

I am Caleb Mapfumo, a husband and father. I married my beautiful wife in 2012, in October 2019 we separated for almost a year. It was the worst experience of my life and very painful to see our 2 daughters, my wife and my families suffer the consequences of our separation. After trying everything and failing I was on the edge of giving up.

One morning, I had an encounter that changed my life forever – it was 12 May 2020, Jesus Christ visited me in my room! He said to me: do not worry about your wife and I am taking care of her. All that Jesus Christ asked from me was that I should focus on him. Less than thirty days after the encounter, we were back together as a family and our marriage was restored.

Mission to restore marriages

After my marriage was restored, I made a vow that by the end of the age, if I can help save one marriage by sharing my experience and inspiring, encouraging and equipping people to pray for their marriage, I would do it!

I started this website in October 2021, I want this blog to be a platform where anyone who is having marital problems can come to receive encouragement and knowledge on how they can pray for their marriage. I believe anyone can be restored from marital problems if they want to save their marriage and submit to God’s will. 

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