Marriage Restoration

When you are going through a divorce or separation, it can seem like there is no hope of reconciliation. Divorce and separation are painful experiences that leave many people feeling hopeless and despair. You may feel like your marriage is beyond repair or God cannot restore what has been broken. Caleb Mapfumo Marriage Ministries will give you the tools to fix your marriage with Jesus Christ as the centre of your relationship. We believe in changing lives for good!

Marriage restoration hope

If you’re having difficulties in your marriage, you’ve come to the right platform. You and your spouse are now feeling like your marriage is beyond repair, with too much damage done between them to save their relationship. Whether you have been married for a year or twenty years, if the two of you feel that there is just too much damage done to save your marriage, then we can help. Our focus is not to pray for you but to equip you and train you on how to effectively pray for the restoration of your marriage.

It does not matter whether you have already been divorced or separated, our purpose is to help you pray for the restoration of your marriage. We have been where you are and we are a living testimony that God is able to restore you and give back what the devil has stolen from you.

Hope for your marriage

Our prayer is to equip you with all the weapons in God’s armoury required in your battle for true marital victory. Marital problems are very common, but not hopeless. In fact, the prayer of a righteous man has great power and wonderful results (James 5:16). We know from our own experiences that many couples have been restored from even the most terrible marital situations by the power of God.

Though it may feel like you and your spouse are too far gone, if you go through the resources on this website, it will help equip you to pray for your marriage. You will gain a deeper insight into God’s nature and character, which will inspire you to pray with more confidence.

You are not alone

We understand how desperate you feel, and we know that sometimes you do not even know where to start. That’s why we have the resources here on prayer for marriage restoration here, scriptures for marriage restoration here more resources on how to pray for your marriage on our blog. We urge you firstly, to focus on being in tune with God through prayer each day. We want to train you on how to build an effective prayer life with God using scriptures that will strengthen your faith and empower you to pray for the restoration of your marriage.

You are welcome here! We understand what it is like to be in your shoes, that is why we are here to help you save your marriage. We encourage you to check out our website, including our free resources.

We have been where you are and we understand how it feels like. Let's fight the good fight and win this battle together!

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